Playing albums on Samsung Galaxy SII through WD2Go

I am trying to play my music library (mostly iTunes .m4a files) from my WD My Book Live 3TB drive through WD2Go on a Samsung Galaxy SII. I can see the folders and tracks but can only play one track at a time. Have tried various media players (Songbird, WinAmp, Double Twist) which will play any track I select but then stop and as such I cannot listen to an entire album without forcing it to go from track to track. All works fine playing through Windows Media Player on my netbook, but only if an album is in .mp3 format can I play it all the way through (using what appears as ‘mp3 Player’) on my phone.

Any hints or suggestions how I might be able to listen to complete albums through my phone graetly appreciated as I really do not want to have to convert everything to .mp3 format. Not really sure where the problem lies with this. Any thoughts? Thanks

Try using the MP3player included with wd2go instead. As far as I know continuous play is only supported with MP3 files.