Player won't recognize drive connected with extension cable

My player works great when I plug in my 4T external drive directly but when I try to connect it using a USB 3.0 extension cable in between, nothing. But, my laptop sees the drive with no trouble when connected with the extension cable. Anyone ever have this happen and have a solution?

is the 4TB External Drive AC Powered or USB Powered ?

if it’s USB powered then the WDTV (which is only USB 2.0) won’t be able to provide enough power when using a USB extension cable.

The only possible solutions are (1) buy a Powered (Active) USB Extension Cable or (2) Try a shorter USB Extension Cable (you didn’t specify what length you are using)

Just an Example of a experience i had with USB Powered WD Drives …

Have a 2TB Elements Portable USB connected via a 5 Meter USB Extension Cable to my PlayStation 4 Console and it works fine.

Purchased a 4TB Elements Portable USB but the drive Did Not Work with the 5 Meter USB Extension Cable … but, it did work with a 3 Meter USB Extension Cable.

So, if i want to use my 4TB with a 5 Meter USB Extension, i would have to buy a Active/Powered USB Extension. Which BTW are a lot more expensive than non-powered ones.

Ahhhh, Thanks Joey.

Yes, my 4T drive is USB powered. Makes sense that the laptop can power it through the 10 foot extension but the WD player can’t. I’ll look for the active cable you suggest.