Played Win rar files - am I losing it?

I am not sophisticated so be kind…

I used the WDTV over the weekend.  I watched WIN RAR files.  Someone told me it would work (with zip files too I was told).  It did; I watched multiple episodes of  a miniseries.  No problems.  Looked and played fine. I am not sure why it plays zipped up files (so maybe someone can explain it to me)

Now, seemingly all of a sudden a few days later, it says “Check manual can’t play this type of file”.  Files are noted to be an ISO file on the WDTV screen.

So am I totally losing it?

Did it play a winrar file?  Should it have?   (Should it play zip files too?)

Why did it stop working?

Why is the RAR file called an ISO file?

What can I do?

Thanks for help and hopefully preventing my  descent into insanity…

No way I know of could you possibly have played RAR or ZIP files. The standard firmware does not support these compressed file formats.

If the files are showing as ISOs then that is what they are OR have been re-named to ISO and are not really ISOs.

My initial guess would be that the RAR or ZIP file has been renamed with an ISO extension. If so the WDTV cannot play it because it does not understand the format.

PS- if ther original file was in a RAR then it is a good chance that it was an illegal download. I wouldn’t go around advertising that you are doing this.

I told you I am not sophisticated

I have rereviewed things

The files are ISO. When  I double click  my Windows is invoking WINRAR which shows and Audio_TS and a Video_TS folder - hence my confusion (dumbness actually).  Mea culpa

So I need to do some reading about what an ISO file is, a WINRAR file, etc.  I will do this

But having said that,

the ISO file should be playable - yes?

and is there an easy answer as to why it is not now playable- or what I should I go check out?  Other files are playable and I believe the device is working correctly, etc

Thanks for puting up with…

Your win rar program (or most zip programs) can open a .iso image. It does not mean that its a winrar zip it just has the capibility of opening the image. If you associate the file with a video player on your PC (like VLC) then it will be played as a DVD and it will not be opened by your zip program. The WDTV should see it as a media file and open it also as a DVD.

A lot of people apparently can’t be bothered to read all options presented when installing a tool. By default WinRAR associates itself with a lot of file types including ISOs which then are displayed with a WinRAR icon next to the file name.

A lot of people (apparently) make mistakes and most  aren’t as technically sophisticated (nor want to be or need to be) as some, don’t remember about a piece of software installed years ago and have a life that doesn’t make them a Valued Contributor to a website about watching movies on nerdy products that work only moderately well. 

Some people even said so up front and just wanted a little help/advice without Attititude.

Rebooting the device solved the problem.


Have a life? LOL. Funny you should talk about attitude. Maybe you should have used this life of yours years ago actually reading the messages when installing the program.