Playback Problems [mp4/x264/aac]

Having major problems with the playback of these files.

While some of them play okay (dropped frame here and there), the majority are completely unwatchable. I have roughly 400 of these files; I initially converted them for playback on my Xbox 360 (which handles them without problems).

The problems I am experiencing include audio out of sync and stuttered video playback.

I used handbrake to encode them:


  • aac
  • 160kb/s


  • x264

  • ~750kb/s

  • handbrake flags: 


The broken (for me) playback is a deal breaker, and I am looking for a refund from the seller (not likely). I really don’t want to have to convert all my media to a format compatible with the device (especially when the formats are listed as compatible).

I may try to repack one or two files as mkv’s, but I doubt it’ll help.

Has anyone any other suggestions, or might we see a firmware upgrade to help with these issues? I  have already noticed some comments about the audio sync problem.

Handbrake produces compatible files for the Live but they need to be in the mkv container.

Don’t despair – you can quickly (and easily) convert using mkvmerge (assuming you’re on a PC – don’t know what the Mac equivilent is but you can do a web search and perhaps they offer something similar).  Just make sure you highlight the audio track and under format specific options checkmark the “AAC” flag at the bottom left.  It won’t reencode your video, but will convert the audio correctly and should solve your issues.  Even a slow computer should convert a file in under 10 seconds or so.

In the future just use an mkv container (which, truth be told, is soooo much better than mp4 anyway – for one thing, you can pass through both AC3 AND DTS audio).

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Cheers for that - I’ll give it a try later this evening.

Hopefully it’ll help, because I do actually like the device, and want to keep it (the Missus can watch a movie while I’m hogging the Xbox).

And back to pixmania it goes…

Owned it for a whole 2 days, and completely unsatisfied.

Gonna get  this or  this.

mkv did improve the playback issues, but with 400+ movies, there’s no way in hell I’m converting them all. In any case I shouldn’t have to.

Probably going to be accused of trolling, but this whole situation ■■■■■. The majority of topics on these boards are about people having playback or other issues. Western Digital just don’t give a rats arse.

That’s not good enough. Are you even listening Western Digital?

Doubt it…

Voting with my feet on this one. I’d suggest everybody else do the same.