Playback problem

I’ m not sure if I am the only one having this problem but I cannot play more then one video. When I try to play 2nd video then I see a circular arrow and nothing plays. I’ve to power cycle the unit to play next video and obviously it is very annoying.

The unit is still under warranty.

Any help or hint would be appreciated. Thanks.


No, its not a common problem at all.

A little bit more info would help though, as in what, where and how ?

What firmware you have on the Hub as well.

I have a problem with ISO files sometimes they will lock up at about 10 seconds into the video. I have started to let the backdrop info load a couple images first before I click to watch it and this seems to have helped. When all else fails I go to Preview mode and can play it from there.

This is not a menu isse either as some of the movies that lock up do not have menus and they play justr fine on my WD live plus