Playback of AIFF/Apple Lossless Music Files

Hi, I have just bought a WD TV Live for mainly listening to music. I’m using it to stream music kept on an attached USB drive to my Arcam DAC via the optical output and then to my HiFi. Having messed around for a few weeks I am trying to decide on the best format to keep my music in. Quality is all-important, disk space is no issue. I have  a Mac and have all my music in iTunes in Apple Lossless format. I would prefer to keep using iTunes as its by far the best media library software out there, but the WDTV does not play Apple Lossless. So I’ve started converting to AIFF as both iTunes and the WDTV support this format (alegedly!). However there are two problems:

  1. There is a loud click at the end of every AIFF track played.

  2. WDTV does not pick up tag info from any AIFF files - all tracks in the media library show as Unknown Artist. Genre etc also missing.

Now I have searched the Forum and found a couple of entries for both of the above, but to date no replies and no resolution. Anyone have any idea if the above problems are being addressed?

Or even better, is it likely that the WDTV will be able to play Apple Lossless any time soon?


I am playing files with an .m4a extension on my Live streaming player.

Are these Apple Lossless files though?? Music downloaded from iTunes comes as .m4a, but it isn’t Apple Lossless. I’ve tried playing Apple Lossless .m4a files and although they show in the media library etc, they don’t actually play.