Playback issues

I don’t know what has happened to my two WD TV Live gen 3 media players…they use to work perfectly but now whenever I play a video I cannot stop the movie from playing once it starts, I cannot pause, or do anything. it will say unable to play selected file and go back to the folder the movie was in while the movie continues to play in the background.

If I press the back button or the home button the screen will change but I still hear the movie playing in the background and if I try to play a different movie the old one remains playing

Currently my setup is the WD TV Live is connect to my router with an Ethernet cable and my movies are stored on a Synology DS-213 NAS

This is a recent problem and is occurring on both the WD TV Live media players that I have and I cannot think what has changed to make this happen, other than my movie collection has steadily grown as I have began ripping movies.

I’m up to around 1500 movies, so I don’t know if that is the problem…too many files???

I’m about to hit these **bleep** WD TV Lives with a hammer, but before I do I thought I seek help for my playback issues

as a quick updat i tried playing movies from my wd 2TB Passport and I have the same issues, so I know its not the Synology DS-213 NAS

tried rolling back to firmware 1.16.13…no dice, same problems

DyslexicDancer wrote:

as a quick updat i tried playing movies from my wd 2TB Passport and I have the same issues…

Have you tried playing it back when it’s DISCONNECTED from the network?

If playback is fine when it’s not on the network, then it’s possible you have something on your network that’s messing with the WD during playback.

hmmm I didn’t think that could matter since I was playing from the passport hard drive, but when I disconnected the Ethernet cable it worked just fine. very good suggestion, thank you:-)

I wonder what could be causing playback issues by it simply being attached to the router