Play videos and music through ethernet? Wireless and LAN connections too

I’ll explain my situation.

I bought a piece of ■■■■ surround sound system / blu-ray player all in one. I’m a little upset I settled for a piece of ■■■■, but at the same time it’s fine with me.

The problem is it has no HDMI inputs. It does, however, have USB and LAN. So, while I can watch blu-ray with the surround sound, nothing else will play through those speakers :frowning:

The LAN says it requires your computer to have media server software setup.

So, what option do I have?

Maybe I can hook USB in the rear to my wifi like it is not and have the front USB go to the blu-ray player? Maybe it shows up as a hard drive and I can play like that?

… or maybe the WD can setup two network connections? One for wifi (I use this to connect to internet and transfer files from my computer) and the other LAN connection maybe I can get that into the blu-ray player?

Actually, I think I solved my own problem. I’m stupid. The system I bought has an audio input and the WD TV Live has audio out. Duh.