Play to?


This is probably a lame question but how d i GET wINDOWS mEDIA pLAYER  to play to my  WDTV Live.

ATM I have an external hard drive hooked to the WD with all my music- but using Media Player and streaming over my home network would be better.

Again my apologies if this has been asked before.

Just to clarify.

The WDTV  is hooked up via ethernet and works fine–I can find any files on my PC ok and play them or use the external Hard drive BUT I want to go the other way -ie Open Media player on my PC ,pick an album and output it to my WDTV instead of using the WDTV interface.


For anybody else with this query I worked it out.

The play to feature is only available on WMP12 with Windows 7.

Im running Vista with WMP 12.

Maybe time for an upgrade !

Right, to a decent player like VLC or MPC HC :wink:

Yes you need Windows 7 and wmp 12. I just upgraded to windows 7 the other day, and its pretty easy to set up! My only issue is having to make playlists on media player, which has a retarded way of making playlists and playing music in general…but the streaming part works.

Play To with WMP12 works only with local content. I wish I could open a live stream from the internet with media player and then Play To the WDTVLive, but that’s not possible (probably a limitation on the WMP and not WDLive).

PlayonTV takes care of that with the World Live TV script, but it’s cumbersome to find and set up custom stream URLs.

Good point!

I tried to use to Play To feature with music that is in my WP library, but where the actual music files are on a NAS server that I connect to wireless and that didnt work at all! BUT if I had the actual music files on the laptop it worked fine! Kinda limited and something they mos def could work on…