Play On + WD TV Live = Netflix

I have a Moxi DVR which installed a fully licensed version of Play-On, on my PC.  An added benefit though is Play-On feeds Hulu, Netflix, Amazon On Demand, CBS, ESPN, via the media server option to the WD TV Live as well. I do NOT have a Netflix or an Amazon account, but the other services (Hulu, ESPN, CBS), worked. 

NetFlix is the holy grail for media recpetion devices, so I wonder how long the wait is before a deal is struck and a new firmware is available giving you access to Netflix, but if you cannot wait and money is burning a hole in your pocket, then Play-On might be a fit for you.  There’s a 14 day trial so you can try before you buy.

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Already mentioned here:

And if you have not voted for adding Netflix support you can vote for it here:

Click the big Arrrow at left to add vote.

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Can you confirm that ‘PlayOn’ can push video’s to the WDTV Live?  and the WDTV Live will display the video on the TV screen?

We are having problems with Win 7 ‘Play To’, in that, the video is pushed/sent to the WDTVLive, but it fails to display video portion.  The audio track is playing but no video.

If PlayOn will push video and WDTV Live will display it, I may check out PlayOn.  But I would like for someone to confirm it works.

playon has a fully functional 14 day trial. So give it a whirl

I will confirm only what I’ve seen:  cbs, Hulu, pbs(via plugin), Food Network(via plugin), ign (via plugin).  Worked.