Play.ON Upgrade

Well i’ve been using Play on for last month and love the program, but the recent upgrade loses my registration

(note: if you too are using play on and haven’t exactly dished out 75 bucks or whatever then do not upgrade or you’ll lose the current registration that you’re using)

So can someone please send me the older version of playon again as i cannot seem to find it online

I just upgraded to 3.23 So if you’re still using the version prior to this one PLEASE send me a PM so i can grab it back off you

PLEASE if u have it dont be lazy and not message me, i reaaaallly need it back

For the kids ya know, for the kids =)

I believe the version immediately prior to the latest was this one:

It should still be version, if it’s not, they must have updated the page with the latest.

Alternatively, stop the “kids” pocketmoney for a few months and buy a new license.  Tell them it’s for their own good.  :P

thank you

Work Playon with the new WDTVLiveHUB firmware ? Because last time i testing the access and was a mess. The fix the problem?


If by new firmware you mean the current firmware that’s been out for the last 2 months, then yes… i’ve had play.on working without issue on the current firmware (unless one was released in the last 2 days which i dont think because there’s no posts about it, but i do not have my hub currently to check it) But yes, i’ve been running playon for about a month now and it’s absolutely amazing. you literally have acess to around 300 TV networks, some with every show and every episode, along with around 1000 movies, yes around 1000 movies that are on demand. There is no HD channels yet though, everything is in Standard def – not sure if it’s 360p or 480 but they all stream very well and i’ve had no issues with poor quality or buffering (and i’m on relatively slow internet – maxing out at around 900KB/s - 1.1MB/s)