Play music stored on mycloud in itunes

This has got to be an easy question. Just got the mycloud setup and connected to my network. How do I access/play files stored on mycloud in itunes on my PC? Is it simply a matter of importing the mycloud folder into the iTunes library just as I would any other folder on my PC?

The following is just random related questions. …

When I go to the dashboard - settings - media I see DLNA with 4 songs listed and Itunes server is on but it doesn’t list any numbers of songs. What is the “ITUNES server”? What does it actually do and should it list any content on the dashboard like DLNA does?

What I ultimately want to do is rip all my CDs to mycloud and have all music stored there. Manage the library with itunes, stream to my living room AV receiver with DLNA and play upstairs with my sonos.

Thanks for any help.

Have you looked in the manual? This is all explained there…