Play Multiple Small Video Files Consecutively?

I have lots of video clip singles to watch one after the other. Is there a way to push play on the first file and the other files will play once the first is finished? I am using the WDLIVE with the latest firmware upgrade

Yes, exactly that…

My wd live plus won’t play any videos Consecutively

I updated the firmware and it played them one after another and then it stopped.

Now I have to manualy select each video and press play

I’ve tried tinkering with the system and video settings and i’ve tried naming each video in the folder 01,02,03,etc


I’ve found the answer

play multiple files in a row
Instead of pressing the Enter button while a file is selected, you can

press the Play button to play all of the files in the current folder

sequentially, beginning with the currently selected file

Yeah, the answer was in the very first post!  :smileyvery-happy: