Play ISO in Ipad from WD My Cloud

I’m trying to find a way to play ISO files that I download from WD My Cloud app on my Ipad. I tried the same process I use for .ts files: download them into my Ipad, then select “Open in” and then select the app that plays .ts (VLC for instance). The problem that I face with ISO files is that when I select “Open in” the app does not give me an option to play ISO files (such as VLC). Is there a way to configure the app so it knows that ISO files may be played with VLC ? or am I asking too much from this app ?

Does your iPad play ISO files using VLC if they are copied to it by means other than the WD app?

My suspicion would be that file/app association is done by the iPad, not the WD app.

   am I asking too much from this app ?

Yes, the WD MyCloud app, VLC mobile app, and your iPad cannot play ISO files.

Do what I and others do:  make mp4/m4v files from the ISO files using the Handbrake program  you install on your compute and play (even stream them) on your iPad.

Well… first of all, thanks for the advice, but I wish it could be that simple: I have over 500 ISO files in my NAS (which I play at home using my WD TV), so converting them is not an option. Plus if I did decide to convert them wouldn’t I also lose the ability to see/select menus, extras, etc, from these ISO ?

Thanks for prompt reply…Good question: I’ll try to make a small ISO file and do a test. I’ll let you know the outcome.

Here’s some tips:

You likely don’t want all the ISOs in an mp4 format, and use your existing ISO files for test…

Handbrake can make an mp4 directly from a DVD-only ISO in around 20 minutes on my Win 8, w/i7 processor w/8GB ram.  A friemd has 16GB and his is quicker.  On a slower computer it is painfully slow; over a few hours!