Play DTS audio files and the needed use of switch the mute knob

When I play DTS audio files from my WD BOOK LIVE via my WD TV LIVE to my  Sony receiver (capable for DTS and Dolby ) using SPIF , each time a new song stats I have to push the “mute” button off and on again to get the DTS signal to my receiver.

I have tried to remove the SPIF cable and the place it again but no respons.

The only time the DTS singal is streamed again is when I push te speaker on and off button.

Any one with the same problem?

And yes in the settings of my WDTVLIVE I have checked the DTS and Dolby .

Can somebody help?


Hi, welcome to the WD Community.

Is it possible for you to test the unit on a different receiver?

Also you may try a factory reset on the media player to see if it does any difference.