Play Bluray 3D iso?

Hi, you know if the wd tv live streaming plays bluray 3d isos? mkv already play them, but I want play a fullbluray to see the highest quality 3D.


I dont think it can play Blurays natively. It does DVDs or the ISO form of a DVD. It would need Java and more CPU power for Bluray than it is capable of I guess.

all WDTV’s do not support Bluray 3D “Frame Packing” or “Sequentual Frames” (aka MVC Streams)

The only 3D the WDTV Supports are Half-SBS and Half-OU … 1 Frame, 1920x1080 Maximum Resolution

(Basically the WDTV sees this as a “Normal” video … it’s your 3D TV that handles the 3D effect by combining the 2 images into one steroscopic image for use with 3D Glasses)