Play a single video and stop!

According the WD Play manual if I press ‘enter’ on the remote it’s supposed to play a highlighted video in a folder and stop. If you press ‘play’ it is supposed to automatically play the highlighted video then automatically move onto the next and so forth until there is no more content left in the folder. Regardless I press enter or play it will auto play the next file and this is not what I want. Just wanna highlight a video, play it and then when it finishes the box goes back to the folder so I can chose the next file myself. Any ideas? 2tb WD Elements Play. Firmware 1.00.10

did you press enter or OK ?

the unit is going  to stop after playing the selected file if you use OK

No, it doesn’t…  It’s a long-standing bug in BOTH EP generations.

Yes I tried both and still it auto-selects the next show. Thanks for the bug confirmation it was driving us mad trying to solve it.