Pioneer DVD Recorder problem playing using WD TV Mini

DVDs created using pioneer DVD recorder and copied to HDD are not able to be read by TV Mini, not sure if any one encounter this problem? like many other forum users encountered, no luck in mp4 playback :frowning:

Have you updated with the latest firmware version?  Also, have you tried different containers and codecs?  Or have you tried ripping the DVD’s to VOB’s and tried that?

yes, already updated to latest firmware. I normally create a folder and copy the entire DVD content into the folder. While the DVDs bought from shops and those recorded from philips dvd recroder work, those I recorded using pioneer DVD recorder can not be recognised by TV mini - regardless whether they are in DVD-video or DVD-VR formats. The recorded DVDs have been finalised else it can not be copied to HDD.

The actual DVD disc format may be affecting that.  Also, you said that you copy the files into a folder.  There may be more to it than that.  There are free DVD ripping software out there you can try.  I use DVD Shrink, myself.  Try using a ripping program to create the folder and VOB files, then try playing it.  I’ve been hearing that not correctly setting up the folders will cause the files to not play.