Can someone out there save WD from eternal embarrassment?

I have a CaviarSE

Serial number [Deleted]

This is an IDE hard drive

I use it as a USB, with a converter.

I suspect the converter driver is corrupted because, although the disk drive is ok, it will not work with the converter.

To test this out, I need to know the PID (product identification number) of the hard drive.

WD tell me that they ‘do not know’.

But they must know … because they made it and they must have registered the number  !!!

This is a 4 digit decimal number (or a 16 digit binary one).

Does someone on here have more brains than the guys at WD ?


The hard drive does not have a PID.

I have seen many instances where older IDE WD HDDs do not cooperate with certain USB-IDE bridges. You just need to keep trying until you find one that works.

The PID and VID that you are looking for is probably related to the bridge IC in your “converter”. You could use either of the following tools identify the bridge: (USBDeview) (UVCVIew)

Thank you for your helpful reply.

I tried, in vain, to get this info from ‘WD support’