Picture slipping

Probably a newby question but I have been frustrated trying to reset my WDTV. After disconnecting it and reconnecting the picture keeps scrolling down . Would this be the T.V. or the W.D. box. Everthing worked great before . The only other change is I have installed windows 10 .

How is it connected to your TV ?  … if it’s via Composite (Yellow, Red, White) you may have changed the video mode when you reset it (via the reset hole)  PAL / NTSC

these are just guess’s … because you haven’t provide much info

If you’re connected to the TV via HMDI … then the above does not apply

In that case, try another HDMI cable and or Input or another TV

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Hi joey thanks for the reply.

Connection is composite.

I did try resetting ,maybe I have reset to NTSC as you suggested.

Will try resetting again.

If I use the S/PDIF cord should I disconnect the audio composite leads?

if you are USA then yes … NTSC

if you are Europe then … PAL

If I use the S/PDIF cord should I disconnect the audio composite leads?

It will make no difference … you can leave both connected (when you need SPDIF out … Select Digital Passthrough for Optical in the Setup > Audio/Video menu settings

Thanks again joey.

Will try the options tonight…

Tried the reset and twice the picture stopped skipping only to continue after a couple of seconds .

The power button is not always responsive but that was a feature previously.

i’m not sure i understand this whole “slipping and skipping”  business?

I understand if the picture is “Vertically Rolling”  (which i asume is what you mean)

(which happened in my old days of CRT and trying a NTSC signal on my PAL Tv … which i would assume would happen if PAL signal on an NTSC Tv)

all i can suggest, is trying a different TV … or even film a short video of the problem and upload it to youtube, if i’ve misunderstood what you’ve meant.

Yes.Vertically Rolling would be the correct terminology.

Sounds a good idea  to try a different T.V. to determine if the problem actually lies with the box or the T.V

Will try that.