Picture Quality

Why is the picture quality not as good when viewing from a mobile device? From my Samsung phone and tablet and my partners iphone and ipad the qaulity is poor but when viewed on my windows 7 laptop it is high quality. 

How are you viewing?

Through the app and shred pictures

Sorry, shared pictures

I assume you mean the wdphotos app. How are you viewing on the laptop?

On the wdphotos app a lower res picture is shown, you need to press the HD button at the top to get the high res.

I pressed the HD button but says its fetching the higher quality but the picture is still the same, I am using the WD mycloud public share icon on my desktop which works ok 

If you put the same photo directly onto your device does it look a better quality.

Use wdmycloud app to view in your devices photo viewer.

After some tests it does appear that the HD button does bring a slightly better picture up but not the original. I don’t know why it can’t show the original if you ask for it but I assume they have limited it in some way. The low res at the start I can understand as you may be on a mobile network and it keeps the charges down, but if you request the HD version then you should get the original, in my opinion.

Yes, I took pictures on my phone and they looked great but once saved on mycloud and then viewed through the app they aren’t so good, additionally I just took some more photos on my phone and now the option to share them to mycloud isn’t there anymore, can share them with everything else but not mycloud

Thanks for your help, I have now installed the WD Photos app which is better as it automatically uploads photos to my cloud but still only able to view low res via the app on any mobile device. Really dissapointing as we have just purchsed a high res camera, WD should make this clear as I may not have purchased had I known this. I would like to think WD will fix it with an update?