Picture quality

Hi i have a bluray player before LG390 and bought this to make life easier till copy my movies to a harddrive and play in WD, but the picture and movie quality is not even close to the quality to my bluray player. Are i doing something wrong or is it just worse quality on WD TV LIVE?

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Something is wrong somewhere.  I am *very* picky about the quality of my files (otherwise I’d just play the blu-rays) and my encodes are indistinguisable from the originals.

You’ll have to tell us your setup – how are you doing your rips, are you doing any encoding (and, if so, what are you using) and how is the output to your viewing device (are you using HDMI, have you set it manually to the highest resolution, etc).

Just to give you background – I rip my blu-rays using AnyDVD HD and encode them with Handbrake using the High Profile preset (but change the output type to MKV and pass through either AC3 or DTS).  The movies are superb, even on my 9’ HD screen.

Hi i am very picky about quality also that why i was asking here, i use DVD fab to copy my dvds and blurays movies, i use both Video TS or MKV and iso.  I use the same type of my bluray player but the quality is better there.  The highest resolution i am not sure i use Auto HDMI … i have HD ready samsung TV.


Auto sensing sometimes doesn’t work.  Go into the HDMI setup and choose the highest resolution your TV supports and see if that makes a difference.

Krille, make sure you’re not COMPRESSING too much in DVDFab…  It’s easy to miss, considering (at least in my installs) the DEFAULT was to compress everything.


Yes i use Iso mostly and always as close as the original as possible,  even copy it now in my harddrive in dvd 9 quality for best pic. I try now to set without auto and in 1080i 60Hz, that should be the highest for my tv. But after i set that in WD it comes up to set color what i should use there?

i think now i get a little better quality with not set auto. Its not bad quality before but not as good as my bluray player. Now i come a bit closer anyway. 

Hi find a way to get better quality, put my WD in my bluray player and play it from there, its upscaling the picture to higher levels…