Picture distorted

Occasionally, when I turn on my WD TV Live and the logo appears on my TV screen, the picture and words are distorted, looks like “pixulated” broken, almost looks like a Mind-craft Game. Why does this happen?? I have to turn everything off and restart my TV & receiver & WD TV Live box, then the picture and words are suddenly clear and sharp? Just wondering why this happens?

If this question is about a WDTV, why is it posted in the WD Portable Drives forum?

Next time don’t turn everything off, unplug to reboot the WDTV and leave TV etc on, and see if things clear up. This how to narrow the problem down to the WDTV having an issue.

It’s posted here because I was unable to find WD TV Live for external drives? Thanks for your reply, but I’ve already tried unplugging the WD TV Live box and the problem persists. Not really a huge issue, just time consuming, having to turn everything off and restart. I have (3) machines running Netflix, the TV itself , the WD TV Live box and my receiver.

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