PICT files

I have a number of files( some three or four copies) which are eg PICT014, PICT008 etc and they show on my tv as divx format. I want to delete these as I dont know how they got there, but they do not show up on the drive on my laptop, all I get is the movies that are stored there. Anybody know what these are, if I try and play them it just gives the file corrupt/unsupported error message (they just seem to be photo files) and how I get rid of them? Thanks

They are provably hiddenfiles. Check the link below for the steps to see them from your PC.


Nope, tried that first! They are showing on TV menu of movies, on the TV, but appear to be invisible on the laptop, so I cannot delete them. Thanks for answer but still stuck!


Am I really the only person who has this problem? I am one of those who never thinks anything on computers are a one off?