Pi Drive 64GB

Couple of queries:

  • Is it possible to use the Pi Drive purely as an external disk for storage? So leave the OS on the SD Card but have access to the Pi Drive for storage. How can this be achieved.

  • is the 64GB drive a ‘proper’ Flash based HDD or just a 64GB memory card in a case? i.e. does it suffer from the same burn out issues as an SD Card or is its lifespan similar to an SSD.

Answer to the first question is here:

Very useful - now just need to find out what type of drive is actually contained

Hey there, @DavidBrooks.

The 64GB version of WD PiDrive Foundation Edition features a 64GB USB flash instead of the hard drive. You can find more about it here: WD PiDrive Foundation Edition.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the reply. I’d read the linked page which is useful, but it doesn’t have the technical information required. I am guessing that as its a 64GB USB Flash Drive it would suffer from the same burn out characteristics as a normal SD Card but I’d like confirmation one way or another. I realise that SSDs also suffer similar behaviour, but they tend to last a lot longer
Is the specification for this available anywhere?

Hi, sorry for the delayed response. The WD PiDrive Foundation 64GB Flash is a version of flash drive similar to the Cruzer Fit, but not packaged for retail shelves (e.g. no plastic cap, etc.). The specs are very generic, but you should expect similar performance in terms of 3rd-party test results. Thanks.