Physical repair of WD1600JS drive


I have a WD1600JS drive, that is not being reconized at startup. It’s been determined that it’s physically damaged.

My question is,  can anyone who has exprienced this, suggest a low cost remedy to retrive my data?

 I have Tried: Software recovery.

Has anyone tried buying an identical Model WD Drive, and having the bad drive repaired with the parts from the new WD drive?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

What kind of damage?  Does the drive spin? Does it knock or make noise?    Here’s a website that has typical sounds of HDDs that are failing and need to be replaced.

The more specific of the actual sounds or lack thereof the better a diagnosis can be rendered.   In any event it’s more than likely the drive is toast and it will be quite expensive to recover your data.   If you absolutly need the data then a data recovery service is the only way to go since they have tools to actually work on the physical media that is beyond the relm of any home repair or recovery.


I’m not a technician, but this is my experience with general computer repairs so YMMV.



Thank you for your suggestion, the drive does make a clicking sound.

Since posting my problem, I have contacted a data recovery service that will cost

$500-900 USD to retreive data with me supplying a transfer media.

Thanks again.

Roy AKA WhatNow