Photos uploaded to public share - solution

I just implemented a solution to pictures and videos being uploaded to the public share in a folder named for the device doing the upload.

Create a new share called Pictures
Download the libimage-exfiltool-perl package from the Debian wheezy repository and transfer to the mycloud using FileZilla
Ssh into the mycloud and Install the package with the dpkg utility
Create a script that recursively searches every folder on the public share with exfiltool and moves the pictures into a year/month/day format on the Pictures share and renames the images based on their created date.
Drop the script into the /etc/cron.hourly or cron.daily folders. Make sure there is no extension on the script name
Chmod +x the script.

That is all. The script is a one liner that I don’t have handy on my ipad right now. It works great though and now my files are always organized and off the public share.


Thanks for sharing.