Photos not displaying..... but they are jpg

Hi All,

Installed WDTV and upgraded to the latest firmware (1.04.12).

My setup is Windows Media Connect running on my SBS 2008 Server and WDTV is allowed to connect, via a wired connection to my router which has a gigabit connection to my server.

when I attempt to browse some photos, all I get is a blank screen and then an error about the format is not viewable.

I have checked the properties of the files, most are around the 3-5MB in size, around 3872x2592 in dimensions and the color representation is sRGB.

Music and Video plays fine and without issue…

Any thoughts or hints on what I can do get these photos to display… I don’t really want to start saving in abother format



just to add that when i add a few to a USB stick they display on the wdtv smp… spooky

Hi All,

It appears that the proble was with the version of Windows Media Connect that I was running on my server.

I am testing out Wild Media Server and all looks good at the moment.