Photo/video convert

Hey everybody,

have recentley made a"video"  of pictures taken on vacation.  What would I convert that to in order to watch on WD media live player.  Have tried Mpeg1 and 2, they did not play.

Any help appreciated.


Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for such a file.

Rather than making a video of still images, have you tried using the WD to play back the original jpg images?

The WD can play jpg images as a slide show and you can also stream audio at the same time. This might be easier than making the still images into a movie.

I dont seem to be able to get WD to play any pictures.  it shows some of them in a list format but wont play in delayed slide show…5-10 seconds a pic with music.  It will not play directly from computer, i transfer file to a portable hard drive, and do it that way.


It should work. I play back pictures directly from my computer all the time. Set your computer to share the directory that contains your photos. On the WD, use network shares and navigate to the directory with the images, hit play and you have a slide show.