Photo Layout - Help

I have 15 years of photos on the hub with a separate folder for each year, when I visit the Photos folders the directory structure is lost and I just get pages view of 30 photos, how do I maintain the year structure? Thanks

Change your filter to By Folder by pressing the “Green” button.

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Do your photos display in reverse order by file number, not in the sequence they were taken?

Mine display in alphabetic order, which in my case, makes them ordered correctly from oldest to newest (because of how my cameras name their files.)

15 Years !!! Yikes i hope you have backed up in several places and not just on the hub …

I have experienced the pain of losing photos and its not nice…

I have about 10 hard discs of duplicate copies of videos and photos so I should be ok.

They are of my family and kids growing up so they are priceless as far as I’m concerned!

Thanks for your comments.