PGS support on MKV

I know this is not new at all,  sorry for that

I know there are a few software which reformat the subtitles for us, but I don’t think this is a good reason to ignore all users who use good free software to rip their own video collections which keep the original pgs format for subtitles. I would remember to WD that  MKV is a veeery common format now, maybe the most used for blu-ray ripping.

So please: could WD better support the pgs format on the next firmware release? 

Better as in what? The WDTV supports PGS subs that are compressed with zlib. Movies are ripped like this with currently free MakeMKV, or you can remux any other rip with the free MKVToolnix.

better as you know! or maybe not…I use makemkv too and Wd tv live doesn’t reproduce subs because this software keeps the original pgs format in the output file, so WD doesn’t support pgs on mkv evidently, this is not a problem only for me but there are thousand people who have got the same problem and ask a solution.
why Pavtube home page should say: “subtitles are not displayed because WD tv live does not support PGS subtitles in mkv container”…they don’t wrong at all, I know we can convert the subs but I would prefer to make an only one ripping for a movie and not 2 or 3 steps.

Anyway I just ask to the WD TV firmware developers  to fix this issue I’m sure It should not be hard on their part, and with that the TV live will be almost perfect!!


Apparently better than you know.

FACT: WDTV Live supports compressed PGS subs since 1.06.15 (maybe earlier)

FACT: MakeMKV compresses subs since 1.7.8 (using WDTV profile).

And since when has Pavtube authority on anything?

Ok, you’re right of course, thanks a lot for informations!!