PGS Subtitle support?

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Does the SMP support PGS formatted subtitles within MKV and m2ts folders?

Looking at the specifications it only lists support for “Subtitle - SRT, **bleep**, SSA, SUB, SMI”

While looking thru the manual it does mention that some of the features for customising teh look and feel of the subtitles does not work for PGS subs, which kind of indicates that PGS is indeed supported.

Any definitive yes or no on this?


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As far as I know, no.

Actually, I think they are. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone can come in and break the tie.

Right now, all my BD m2ts rips are broken because of the Bug WD announced, so I can’t test for sure…

The answer is a definite yes.

All of my subtitled/part subtitles Blu-ray Disc rips (Das Boot, Godfathers, etc) play fine with subs displaying correctly.

All ripped using MakeMKV and no compression applied, then muxed with mkvmerge.

Steve W

Thanks for the input, i ordered up this bad boy before the weekend, and i’m watching my UPS tracking number like a hawk online :smileyvery-happy:

It can not show PGS subtitles without converting them first.

You shouldn’t need to convert them, just remux using MKV Merge.

I’ll post how to do this later on when I get a chance.

Steve W

As far as I know PGS is not supported. I tired trust me. Go to this link

There you’ll find the instructions of how to convert them so that they can be readable once inside the .mkv file. Its a very easy procedure, I use it every day.

Trust me, all (or almost all) Blu-ray Disc subtitles are in the PGS format.

Trust me, I’m not imagining the subtitles that appear on my screen.

Trust me, PGS subs work.

Sorry for not posting the fix earlier.

Go to that link (in the above post, but just scroll down to the very bottom part (Step 7) on MKVMerge.  This is the programme you need to use.  I’ll post details later - sorry for not doing so earlier.

Steve W

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Sorry for the delay in posting this.

To show PGS subtitles.

Rip using MakeMKV.

Download MKVtoolnix.


1 - Rip your DVD or Blu-ray Disc using MakeMKV.

2 - Open MKVtoolnix.  Click “file” (top left), then “options” (on the drop-down menu), look down the list of options and put a tick in the box that says “Disable header removal compression for audio and video tracks by default”. Once you have a tick in the box click “OK”.

3 - Now you’re back on the main Windows, click the “add” button and navigate to one of your MKV files which isn’t displaying subtitles, select it and click “open”.

4 - By default the file will be written to the same place as the original. For example, if your file is called “Citizen Kane.mkv” the new file will be called “Citizen Kane (1).mkv”. Your original will be unchanged. Click the “start muxing” button and wait. It will be 10-15 mins depending on the speed of your hard drive. 5 - Once the process is complete test the new file e.g.: “Citizen Kane (1).mkv” on your WD TV Live, and see if the subtitles display. 6 - As long as it works, delete the original file (for example “Citizen Kane.mkv”) and change the name of the replacement (eg. change “Citizen Kane (1).mkv” to “Citizen Kane.mkv”). 

TA-DA! From my experience, MakeMKV will now rip all subtitles and the WDTV Live will play them all, in synch with the audio, and staying on screen for the appropriate amount of time (there were previously some issues with synching).

For me this has had a 100% success rate, both with foreign language films, and English language films with forced subs on occasional foreign language scenes like The Godfather.

The fix is both easy and quick.

Steve W

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