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I have firmware version 1.01.12. for WD TV Live.

When I try to play my videos from “YouTube” account, system is getting rebooted and I can not see content from “YouTube”.

Is there any solution / fix for this issue?


I opened my new WD TV live yesterday that was shipped by Amazon and hooked it in. I was prompted for a new firmware and I installed it.

First thing I went to check was youtube and I could not signin to my account. It keeps re-booting irrespective of the three options it provides after typing in the  username and password. Can I get a fix for this problem. One of the main reasons I purchased WD TV live is because I wanted to watch youtube on my TV without the need of a laptop. Just wanted to mention that I was able to do a search and watch youtube content.

Hi, it happens also for me - when I try to go in to my YouTube account, box reboots and resets to factory defaults.

And today friend of mind has bought this small box, Netgear EVA2000:

Remote looks exactly the same. And this box has much more net-video functions, and, of course, you can log in to your YouTuve account

I started to feel quite big disappointment, because I already have this WD TV Live.

I’m plagued with the same problem. I have the latest firmware and my WDTV Live also reboots right after I type in my YouTube account info and sign in. I hope there’ll be a workaround soon.


Yup, same here.  Current firmware, Youtube works fine anonymous.  Try to use a private account and welcome to reboot land.

Thankfully I have Playon installed and my personal account runs fine from there.  Strangely it never asked for my password.  Perhaps Youtube has changed its access rules and WD hasn’t met the change.


Same issues here… =(

I have the same problem.

Until Friday 12/11, I could access my account without any problems.

On Satuday morning: reboots on my account access:cry:

I have not changed the Firmware in this time. Very strange. Has Youtube changed something?

same problem here. please wd team is very important for all of us, that you find a solution to resolve this (without the possibility to access our account for many of us youtube function is quite useless)

Same problem!

Has anyone heard from WD on this issue?  Last time I was on this forum I noted that an administrator was logging in to reply to each issue in a timely fashion.  This silence does not bode well.  They obviously know there is a problem.  Are they being silent because there’s a legal dispute with youtube or is it because there’s a major bug they don’t know how to fix yet?

There’s not much we can really say at this time.  We know there’s an issue and we’re working to get it fixed.   We do apologize for the inconvenience.  Hopefully, it will be rectified soon.  I will try to keep you posted.

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I have no problems waiting even for a month to get a fix. Can you confirm if youTube is going to stay and will be accessible in the future?

in my opinion it’s not a bug since signing in worked fine till few days ago, with no firmware change

devulas1 wrote:

Can you confirm if youTube is going to stay and will be accessible in the future?

 how has to confirm ? It’s nobody there

I meant if the community manager Bill_S can confirm the availability of watching youTube on WD TV live.  There are concerns that youTube is asking some set top boxes to remove youTube availability.

I’ve not heard anything about YouTube licensing or any bugs with our firmware.  All I’ve heard is that there has been some changes with accessing YouTube on their part.  I’m assuming that we’re simply getting that fixed.  It may or may not require a firmware update.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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thanks for your answer !