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I’m new to personal cloud storage devices so I’m looking for a bit of advice.

I’d firstly like to store my music and photos on such a device, and would need to access the files from an iphone, ipad and a Windows 8 PC

My iphone and ipad connects to my hifi via bluetooth already,  so I’d like to stream the files to my phone/ipad to play through the hifi. So  I could with the files in folders(albums/artists), and photos in birthday/holiday etc.

If a unit could connect to a printer via usb and be able to print from PC, Ipad, and Iphone wirelessly, that would be a bonus too, but not a necessity  

I’m not too fussed about accessing the files from anywhere at the moment, but wirelessly within the home. The unit would also need to be on 24/7, and needs to be easilly accessible for elderly parents to find the photos they require

Is this possible ?

I’d appreciate any help with this 

First, I suggest you read the User Manual.

Second, check this out My Cloud │ How it Works .

Visit the Learning Center for more information. 

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cat0w (USA)

Thank you. I had read some of it but further investigation taught me that music files can be accessed through iTunes on pc or Mac, but not on iOS devices.
So… I was wondering how easily my files would list on an iOS device.

On a iOS device, the iTunes server in the NAS is indeed useless. You will find apps to access DLNA content on iOS though, and the WD Photos app can access the the photos, and the WD MyCloud app can access files and play some of them.

crag30 wrote:

 needs to be easilly accessible for elderly parents to find the photos they require

This isn’t the product you want.

Go buy a cheap, fanless laptop with a spinning hard drive or put one in.  ~$200.  You can then plug in your USB printer and leave it on 24/7.