Persisting a Samba change: browseable = no


I need to ensure my shares can’t be seen on the network. I’d like to add a Samba parameter that disables the share from being advertised:

browseable = no

It works when I restart smbd, but the setting reverts after a reboot.How can I add this in such a way that the change will persist over a reboot?

I don’t think you can. The operating system and many settings are stored on a read-only partition. Ob boot these settings are copied to a read-writeable partition, If someone then messes with settings directly that makes the DL unstable then I guess a simple reboot will make it all work again.

I did find the mechanism how settings are written to the read-only partition, but presently I don’t understand how this works and I certainly don’t want to risk bricking the NAS I’ve got.

Maybe someone else can help?

How about suggest this as a network storage idea to allow the browsable attributes to be turned on and off through the DL’s Web UI and try and persuade people to add their vote to the idea. I’ll certainly add my vote when you post your idea to WD.

I added this idea at Add Samba's Browsable Attribute to Web UI.

In the meantime, if anyone has a suggestion on how to persist a smb.conf change between reboots, please post!

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