Persistent orange light

This is an ongoing issue with the way WD designs their cloud drives. Its a deive i 100% regret ever buying as from out of the box my mycloud falls off the network and needs constant attention…rebooting either the 4 sec or the 40 sec method. Why is it like this?

@TIMOTHY_FOOR I own two WD MY CLOUDS, a first and a second generation. I don’t have this problem. My ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Spectrum. I am on their, up to 400 Mbps plan. I have a Linksys Router, Linksys Official Support - Getting to know the Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream™ AC5400 MU-MIMO Gigabit Router . My modem is an Arris 6190.

Never had such a problem with a first gen v4.x firmware My Cloud.

What specific My Cloud model do you have?

How is your network configured? Are you using a Mesh network? is the My Cloud connected directly to the main router? Have you replaced the Ethernet cable to the My Cloud, tried a different network port?

In other words, what troubleshooting steps beyond just a 4/40 second reset have you tried or investigated?

Sounds like you may have network configuration issues or computer network configuration issues. Of course in rare cases the My Cloud network port could be damaged.