Permissions issue with restored files

I have restored my files to a new hard drive after the old one crashed. The restore went ok and i can see all the folders and files. But I can’t open any of the files because it says I do not have permissions. I have checcked the security permissions on files and they look ok. I am the only user of this computer (and have administrator rights) and it lists my account of having acess, but it still won’t let me in. How do I grant myself access to all of these files that I restored to my Win7 machine.

What model drive do you have?

WD10EADS - 1 terabyte Caviar Green
The Passport is a 1 terabyte ‘my passport’ and i used WD Smartware to restore to the original location.

I think it is more about my windows permissions than my WD stuff. I have had some luck moving things to a different location then copying them back (i get asked to click the button for administrator clearance) and then i can open those files.

I can navigate freely, just not open files. I have checked my NTFs and also groups but i think there is something more about Windows permissions than what I know.

That is what I thought as well.

Try going to Windows support web for more troubleshooting options. 

Try doing a search for Take Ownership and see if that helps.