Permission denied


I own a WD sharespace 16TB and it is running fine for a while now.

I just came accross something that is annoying though.

I have the configuration webpage enable and when I try to log in using my pc, it let me in, but when I try with another PC, it won’t let me log in. The webpage shows, but says permission denied. I am using the same account, and same password on both PC.

I was wondering if anyone could point me where to look about that. The log files  doesn’t show anything wrong and I haven’t seen any configuration blocking access to some IP.


16TB WD Sharespace? Are you for certain the capacity of the Sharespace. If it is indeed 16TB that could be the first problem. WD hasn’t manufactured a hard drive larger than 3TB. And the 3TB is not supported on the sharespace therefore the maximum that can be insterted is the 2TB. If all slots are filled with 2TB drives the capacity of the sharespace would be 8TB. Which bring me on my first question.

What type of drives are inserted on the sharespace you own?

sorry, I was wrong, it is actually 4x2TB disk (8TB).

It still doesn’t fix anything though