I have the STARTUP INITIALIZING… message that started out when I did the latest software upgrade 9 hours ago! No disk are showing on the front panel and no activity is shown. Of course, I cannot access it using either the front panel or the browser!

I bought this server to avoid problem and secure my data!!! Not make it worse. And no, I do not have the latest backup version. This is why I have a raid 5 server. If the [Deleted] software is not stable or strong enough to even do an upgrade, WD should not sale it!

And please, do not tell me that I will lose all my data on the disks because your equipment can not even do a proper upgrade.

I need an answer.

PS I am starting to regret not buying a Synology like my IT guys recommended at my office. I went with WD because of the name. Have I done a huge mistake???

Me again.

Forgot to add the server is doing nothing! The only thing flashing is the blue power light!. It does not make any sound (like it usualy does) and no disk is showing…

Had some action this morning. I shut it dwon twice and it came back to life! Now, the screen is showing UPDATING SOFTWARE…same as it did yesterday…I hope it will pass this time!


It is now shutting down…and back to…STARTUP INITIALIZING…and nothing happens…

I had to redo  it twice, apparently for each update. Now it is working. I will remove the automatic update!

My suggestion and your only option was to wait. 

Keep in mind no matter what you have raid is not a backup