Permanent Read Only Access - My World Book Edition II 2tb

Hello All

I have recently purchased a My World Book Edition II 2tb. I have used it as it was setup out of the box. I used the USB port to copy all my data across from my old USB drives which was all fine. But now all of that data is permanently read only and I can find no way to change it. I can’t delete, copy or move.

I am getting very concerned after browsing the internet and finding numerous people with numerous problems.

Can anybody provide any help in solving this or is this drive as bad as everyone says?

Thanks in advance.

i’m having a similar problem - i’ve got a 1TB mybook that randomly sets folders to read-only. 

several times now, after running a time consuming program overnight, i’ve come in the next day to find that the folder the program was trying to write to has magically turned read-only.  the result is that my application made absolutely no progress because it could not use the disk

i contacted tech support but got no reply. 

i think the mybooks are garbage.  the transfer rate and wake-up times are terrible as well.  i don’t know how anyone uses these things.