Periodic Backup

I am a new user. I backed up my computer hard drive successfully. Then I set the WD Smartware to backup new/changed files every night at 2:00 a.m. I checked a few Excel files that I know I changed since the initial full backup and they were still the version that existed at the time of the first full backup.

I’m doing something wrong. Are the incremental backups stored somewhere else? I assumed the backup would replace the older file version with the changed version.

I thought about changing to continuous backup. If I do that what would happen to the files that I changed since the initial backup? Would they fall through a crack and not get backed up? If I did a full backup again, would it back up all the files, or just the new/changed files?


WD SmartWare will start the backup over if you switch the backup engine to continuous.

Are you certain the files have not been updated? Did you manually navigate the SmartWare backup share within your WD My Cloud Mirror?