Performance on My Cloud Home is TERRIBLE compared to doing the same thing on My Cloud

I store a lot of video files (mkv format) on my WD disks. I have several WD My Cloud devices and 1 WD My Cloud Home. All I am trying to do is use the mkvinfo command to get details about the files. I can run the command on a folder with 100s of files and get a response within 10-20 seconds on My Cloud. The exact same command can take 6-10 minutes, no that is not a typo, on the My Cloud Home. A few seconds here and there is fine, but this is just terrible. Writing and reading from the My Cloud Home is much slower when compared to the My Cloud, and I was willing to live with that. But this really is horrible.
There are no levers or ways to optimize the My Cloud Home as far as I can tell since one just uses WD Discovery to access it. So what are my options?
(I created this same request in the wrong forum initially and am reposting it here)