Performance hit on new "blue" 1 TB drive on Windows 7

Just did a new install with windows 7 pro and ran a “experience” check on the performance.  With the 8 cores, I got some really nice scores…much higher than the 4 core that I have on this particular machine.  The strange thing was that I took a hit on the data transfer performance.  Is this because the “blue” is a slower drive?  Would I have gotten better results with a “black” or maybe even another drive.  I don’t think I need an SSd, but, I would like good performance out of my hard disk…

Any info or suggestions will be appreciated.


Hi and welcome to the WD community. 

If you are getting a 5.9 for your hard drive, that score is about the maximum you can get for a mechanical hard drive using Windows 7. If you wish to push the score to the limit, consider getting an SSD drive.