Perfectly working mkv files suddenly cause "trick mode not supported" message

Dear members of the forum,

I’m having a strange issue with my WDTV Live. Yesterday I watched an mkv file and I’m 100% sure that I rewinded it several times without any problem. Today I was watching the SAME file again and when I tried to rewind I got the “This file does not support the trick mode” message. I’m really wondering how trick mode can suddenly stop working for a perfectly fine file.

I have experienced the same behavior with other files as well.

Any ideas?

Kind regards,


The only way for “trick mode” to _ stop _ working, is for the file to become corrupted – either the file was originally encoded with proper sequence headers and indexes, or it wasn’t, but it shouldn’t spontaneously lose the headers and indexes.  Something is corrupting your files if they suddenly stop working.