PC's suddenly stopped recognising Passport Slim

While using my 6-month old Passport Slim for input only it suddenly stopped working today on my Windows 7 laptop, and on re-insertion demanded re-formatting. My Windows 7 desktop also would no longer recognise it. The disk shows unlettered in Disk Management. I have tried various USB 2 and 3 slots, including those at the back of my desktop. However on insertion into my TV I found it does recognise the file structure (photos and videos), though stumbles after playing a few seconds of any video, but recovers enough to let me navigate the file structure further and exit. Any ideas why the PC’s have stopped working but the TV hasn’t completely? Could it be as simple as the supplied lead failing? It took me a while to load 30 years of home videos from DVD backups onto it so I’m a bit loathe to start again.


It is possible the partition is corrupted. I recommend you try formatting the drive. If you need to recover the data con the drive then you can try a data recovery software.

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