PC's HDD needs reformating, how do I get my system files back on?

I did a complete backup including system image onto my Passport. I used the passport software.

Lucky thing I did, my HDD has crashed on my 2 month old laptop :frowning:

I’m going to reformat the HDD on the laptop. So, I dont have my Windows disks with me (I’m in Iraq, forgot them in the US). But if I did a full backup with system image, should I not be able to pull that over to the HDD after formating? But the documentation doesnt quite say how to accomplish that if Windows isnt loaded :frowning:

If you have windows vista or 7 you can use windows backup to do that… if you have windows xp I would recommend to get another backup software with that feature.-

Well, that’s just it! If my HDD is corrupted, and I reformat it…then it will be blank, right? So how do I get the system image from my Passport over to the newly formated drive? Is there a utility in the Passport that will allow it to load the system image back over to the HDD?