PCB problem with Essential 3Tb

Seems I have a problem with the PCB.  When I power up the HD and insert the USB the HD will spin and show on the desktop.  BUT after a few minutes it will disconnect and I get the message that I did not properly disconnect.  And the light goes off.  I cannot get the drive to stay connected very long.

Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can copy my data to a new HD without the drive quitting? 

Any help is welcomed.


My thoughts are I’d be best to buy another 3TB Essential, remove it’s PCB, install it on the first HD and copy the data to another HD, then kiss the first HD goodbye.  Any thoughts?

Are you on Mountain Lion?  Seems to be an issue from what I am starting to find out.  Very frusterating.  I have had my drive for a while (its a Studio  gen 1 for Mac) for almost a year now.  Worked great on Mountain Lion.  

I have literally tried everything.  Resets, reinstall ML, wiped internal drive, fresh install of ML, etc… Still its messed up.  

I am in the process of putting my internal drive data back from my network drive backup.  My studio drive via Firewire has my iTunes library.  Very scary situation.