PC won't boot with WD Mybook connected to USB

When WD MyBook (WDMB) is connected via USB and powered ,  the PC freezes after the BIOS detects this USB device,  specifically this WDMB…

If WD MB is not connected or not powered,  PC boots fine,  goes stright through all of BIOS and USB detection and into windows.  If WDMB is reconnected after boot-up,  it can be accessed.

I have updated WDMB to firmware v2.108 and PC has “latest” USB drivers from Intel.  PC has Intel 82801 USB,  and is running Win XP.

I have also disabled USB connections as boot devices in the BIOS,  but this makes no difference.  The PC still detects the WDMB as a USB device and freezes.

Other USB devices plugged into this PC don’t cause this problem.

Just for info,  If I connect the WDMB to another PC (old Asus motherboard and Win7),   (WDMB powered and conencted to USB) ,  then the 2nd  PC also boots fine.

I have concluded there is some kind of USB interface issue on this particular PC,  between it and the WDMB,  but I’m out of ideas on how to solve it.  Any suggestion please?

In BIOS try disabling Legacy Devices and see if that helps. It may cause problems if you have USB mouse or keybord.


I have the WD 2TB Essentials externa drive. My PC would not boot up when it was connected. Use to run XP now running Windows 7 Home Premium. I disabled USB boot in BIOS, Also removed CD and other devices from boot priority list. Still freezes …

This may help: