PC Folder Sharing & Selecting Content Source questions!

Ok, hate to sound like a total n00b. My questions if already answered on here then I apologize, but I couldn’t find an appropriate answer… so here goes!

Just bought the WDTVL Hub, great unit, but for 2 things, 1) I find it annoying that I have to keep switching media sources to find my media and 2) I cannot access content from a shared HD attached to my PC, the WDTVLH seems to have no option to map to a folder attached to a PC.

Here is My Setup:

I have a desktop PC attached to a NetGear Router that has USB NAS support, attached to the NetGear Router I have a 2TB External Iomega HD which can be shared over the network easily (and the WDTVLH finds it easily) attached to the Desktop PC I have a 1 x 1TB WesternDigital MyBook which has folder sharing enabled.


  1. My WDTVLH sees the 2TB Network Storage HD under Network Share when I “Select Content Source”, but I have re-select “Select Content Source” again to get back to the internal 1TB hard drive that is in the WDTVLH. Is there no way of having both items showing on the home screen for Video simultaneously, so I don’t have to keep switching content source? (if not it would be a great update to perform in the next firmware update)

  2. The WDTVLH sees my 2TB drive attached to the Netgear Router, but I cannot figure out how to get it to see media on my 1TB USB Desktop attached HD. Does it have anything to do with Twonky server? Is there a way of mapping a network drive from a PC to the WDTVLH, using the computer name or IP address and the folder share name.

Any help would be appreciated, and if these questions have already been answered on here, please be so kind as to post the link.



Yes there is take a look at the instructions here on mapping the drive