PC Cannot access or discover WD MyBook live or MyCloud drive

Hi, I have looked through a lot of online forums and cannot solve my problem. I have two network drives, Mybooklive and a MyCloud drive. Both were working fine a few moths ago. The MYbooklive has a solid green light in front and the MyCloud light has switched from solid amber yesterday to solid blue today. Both drives are no longer recognized in file explorer, or disk management. I have rebooted, unplugged and even changed the NetBIOS setting to “enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP”.

My PC nor my laptop are still not able to discover either of my drives.

Please help.

Can you ping either drive from Windows either by by address or name? Does you router see either of them?

I just did the ipconfig/all and I’m not sure that either of the drives are listed.
I only see, Windows IP config, Ethernet adapter, Wireless lan adapter for both local and network, and tunel adapters.
To be honest I’m not really sure what I should be looking for.

IPCONFIG will show you addresses on Windows but not the addresses of your NAS devices. If you are using DHCP rather than static IP addresses, your router should be dolling out the IP addresses for your NASs. Can you log onto your router’s administrative function and see what devices it knows about? Most routers have some sort of display showing device names and IP addresses of your network devices. (If you haven’t changed the defaults, I think the names are MyBookLive and WDMyCloud.)

Or, assuming the the the devices are operating correctly, you can issue the Windows command NSLOOKUP mybooklive (or whatever the appropriate name is) and the result should show the device’s IP address.

If an address is displayed, that will show that the devices communication siftware is working, the router’s DHCP function is working, and at least part of Window’s network discovery is working.

I did the lookup NSLOOKUP and the domains were non existent for both drives. I noticed that there was a split box on the router. Apparently my husband split the router and the drives were connected to the split instead of the main router directly. I unplugged them from the split and connected them directly to the Netgear box and they are both now being recognized.

I hope I didn’t mess anything up with the Enable NETBIOS over TCP/IP change.

Thank you for your help. It all indirectly helped solve the problem.

[quote=“nevenka_samija, post:5, topic:196814”]
I hope I didn’t mess anything up with the Enable NETBIOS over TCP/IP change.
[/quote]Since you want “NetBIOS over TCP/IP” on if you you want network discovery to work, it doesn’t much matter whether you force it on or if it’s on by default. It would be nice if Windows’ network discovery would work without NetBIOS, but that’s not likely to happen any time soon.